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New leadership for SA Unions

August 04, 2021

“Systemic wage theft, low wage growth, mass casualisation and the exponential growth of the gig economy have meant that work for thousands of South Australians is becoming increasingly insecure."

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Save SA Services

September 28, 2020

Another broken promise - another sell off of South Australian public services

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Paid Pandemic Leave - A Win for Workers

August 25, 2020

SA Unions welcomes the announcement that a Paid Pandemic Leave Scheme will operate in South Australia immediately for casual and other eligible workers.

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Thank You - We need a public sector that is strong and never under resourced

June 04, 2020

No job cuts/no privatisation It is particularly timely with the government announcement yesterday that they are starting voluntary redundancies in health again. We are still seeing off the first wave of COVID-19; we have major backlogs for medical procedures; unemployment is rising rapidly. So what's the government plan for health? Cut hundreds of jobs! #jobsnotcuts

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South Australian joint statement against the Religious Discrimination Bill

February 27, 2020

SA Unions has joined with South Australian community and advocacy groups to denounce the Liberals' Religious Discrimination Bill. The Bill does nothing to improve protections against discrimination on the grounds of religion. In fact, it makes the situation worse for tens of thousands of South Australian workers in religious aged care facilities, hospitals, accommodation providers, educational bodies and charitable institutions. Not only ar...

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Save the date - International Women's Day march 2020

January 29, 2020

Put this date in your diary - Friday March 6th for the International Women's Day march.

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