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Save SA Services

September 28, 2020

Media Alert: South Australian unions will hold a press conference outside SA Pathology on Frome Road, Adelaide at 10.30 am on Monday 21 September.
Anti-privatisation campaign launch

The decision of the Marshall government to hand our train services to a foreign company to run for profit is a disgrace.

the government promised they wouldn't be pursuing a privatisation agenda when they won office. However, their actions tell a very different story.

The government has privatised the Remand Centre and trams and train services, government building maintenance, medical administration, and is closing and attempting to sell state assets like service centres and TAFE colleges.

Plans to privatise SA Pathology have been beaten back in the face of the COVID pandemic.

South Australian Unions will launch a campaign on Monday to protect South Australian services and reverse announced privatisations.

Quotes attributable to SA Unions Secretary Angas Story

"The SA government is putting profits before people by selling off vital public services to be exploited by cashed-up private byers. It's time to step up and Save SA Services."

"Selling off the services which South Australians built sends our money to overseas investors instead of keeping it here to support our communities and means that our vital services are run for profit in times of emergency. We can't afford this sort of market madness as we head deeper into a recession."

"We call on all political parties to commit to principles of keeping public services in public hands and save South Australia from being sold off for short-term gain and long-term pain. Let's put people ahead of company profits and keep our states safe, secure and strong."