‘Amazing to see the origin of all my rights as a worker! Makes me feel so much less alone as an activist’.


‘Inspirational. Dare to struggle. Dare to win’.


410 people visited the free exhibition. Many came as part of May Day celebrations. A number toured the exhibition on the following day and subsequent two weekends. Visitors included tourists from interstate, as well as across South Australia.


Visitors were encouraged to record their thoughts on the exhibition and issues raised. Children were asked to nominate their favourite banner – here the Teachers, Transport Workers and Seamen’s banners got a mention.


Visitor comments focused not only on the beauty and skill of banner making, but also on labour history and what unions meant to them and their families. Young activists, particularly from the Arts Workshops being run at the time by Vitalstatistix Theatre Company, were enthusiastic. The exhibition appeared to encourage their trade union understanding and commitment.


Union officials expressed pride in the display of their union’s banner(s). Being part of an exhibition where unions came together under one roof also appeared to lift the spirits: ‘Great to see them all displayed together’; ‘Brilliant collection of union history’; ‘We are impressed by the display of different banners from several unions’.


Visitor's comments

"My favourite is the SAIT banner" – Ben age 5

"Fantastic! Thankyou" – Elizabeth

"Inspirational!! Dare to struggle, dare to win!" – Robert

"These are beautiful works of art. Solid unity forever." – Lizzie

"Wonderful collection with great information." – Chris


"Proletarian Art" (Prole Art Threat)

"Very good. Would be nice in a book." – Gordon

"Excellent: Power to the people" – Gae

"Great History. Love to know artists/mediums/and those involved if possible" - Civil Burn

"PS Jude gave us her overview. She be great for a voice over."

"Amazing! Educational and informative. An incredible effort." - Shae & Caleb

"Lost in time. Era of unionism in Australia. Brilliant" – Uffu & Jo

"We loved the inspiration we’ve received from participating in the Rally and the after party, including this wonderful historic exhibition. Thankyou all" – Kathleen Koala

"Fascinating. Thanks to all concerned" – Gillian

"Brilliant exhibition. Great to see the history. Love the ideas."

"Fantastic display." – Splitty

"Well done… Great to see them all displayed together (well done to the artists)." J W

"Brilliant display. Well done" – S. lon

"It is so important to keep the history alive" – Bronwyn

"Thank you all for bringing these together – for us, the general public" – Oberij

"Wonderful experience. Underpinned by gracious and respectful spirit" – AL


"Congratulations the banners look great and the stands are terrific. A really lovely May Day all round."

"I thoroughly enjoyed it."

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