South Australia's Economic Recovery

COVID-19 has changed the world and the lives of everyone in it

The unpredictable impacts of the pandemic have already destroyed industries, thrust tens of thousands of Australians into Centrelink queues for the first time in their lives, forced once-thriving businesses to close their doors and put entire cities on lockdown.

The situation changes daily and its impossible to predict what it will take, or what it will cost, to see Australia through this crisis. What we do know is that the crisis will end and that the nation that emerges will look very different - and so we need to plan for that future now, and do so in a way that provides immediate benefit to South Australians.

Our state is already recognised as an exceptional place to live and Adelaides affordable city lifestyle is second to none. However, we have historically struggled to retain our talent, particularly with young people who feel they must head to the eastern capitals in order to find a fulfilling career.

We can start to build the South Australia of the future even as we fight the pandemic at every level. SA Unions believe that not only can we create a dynamic, forward-thinking state, we can do so by creating 100,000 new jobs, and putting South Australia on track to reach full employment by 2025. 

This is the conclusion of SA Unions on behalf of working people in South Australia after identifying the unique advantages our state enjoys.  From this SA Unions has developed a 4 Point Economic Recovery Plan

#1 The Making State
#2 The Energy State
#3 The Education and Training State
#4 The Health State

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