Fairer Workplaces and Stronger Communities

Message from Angas Story

Secretary of SA Unions

Fairer Workplaces and Stronger Communities outlines what SA Unions and the wider labour movement are fighting for to improve the lives of working South Australians and their families.

View online here. South Australia’s economy is facing the challenges of change: The nature of industries and workplaces are rapidly changing. From traditional jobs to a significant growth in service industries, education and community services.

How best do we support working people – and people entering the job market – to prepare themselves for these industries? 

Some areas of the economy are growing, particularly food and agriculture.

Coupled with those changes, working people are facing ever-increasing rates of casualisation, labour hire contracting, and persistently high youth unemployment.

Inequality is growing, and the dreams and aspirations of a generation of people are becoming harder and harder to attain.

Our role, as SA Unions and the South Australian trade union movement, is to be part of the transformation of our State’s economy and to ensure that the principles of equality, fairness, justice and sustainability are not lost along the way. 

This election platform forms the framework by which working people can participate equally in the economy, count on fair and decent work, ensure public services are world class and owned by us all, and live in communities that are just and focused on a fair future. 

Additionally, this platform serves to complement and support the extensive work undertaken by individual trade unions within their industries to formulate platform documents. To this extent, we support and endorse the policy and platforms of unions in health, education, public and community services, and manufacturing and trades.