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Workers need relief - Adelaide leads the nation in cost of living surge

January 25, 2023

Adelaide recorded the highest CPI increase of the Australian capitals over the 12months to December 2022. Inflation rose 7.8 per cent annually in the December quarter with underlying inflation up 6.9 per cent.

Last week, ABS figures showed a concerning increase in underemployment and insecure work in SA, which climbed a full percentage point to 7.9%, the highest in the nation, out-pacing wage growth by more than double on the most recent available figures.

“These figures show that insecure work and the cost of living crisis continues to bite for South Australian workers," said Dale Beasley, SA Unions Secretary.

"After a decade of wage suppression under the previous Government, decisive action to get wages moving cannot come soon enough for South Australian Workers", said Beasley.

Inflationary pressures are heaviest on transportation, we know this has an outsized effect on people who work multiple jobs, have caring responsibilities and can't afford to live close to good public transport. This is why young workers and women are feeling these pressures the most.

"In South Australia, the Government has committed to tackling wage theft and labour hire arrangements and are needed to relieve some of the pressure on workers. But it’s the changes to bargaining that will make the biggest difference for millions of workers when they come into effect in June," said Beasley.

The RBA’s myopic approach to inflation control has placed the burden of controlling the recent spike on workers, while ignoring corporate price gouging and international drivers which has 'over-cooked' CPI growth.

“The RBA’s approach to inflation management must be challenged. We have to stop punishing the people who are already struggling to put food on the table,” said Beasley.