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Unions warn South Australians: Libs and SA Best not worth the gamble

March 11, 2018

South Australians are being warned not to gamble with their vote on election day by supporting parties which attack the rights and conditions of working people.

SA Unions Secretary Joe Szakacs says people should know that the Liberals have supported cuts to penalty rates and SA-Best has flip-flopped on this issue like he has on pokies.

“Nick Xenophon tried to get legislation passed in Canberra to cut peoples’ penalty rates but now he says he’s changed his mind on that.

“He stood for Parliament on a no pokies platform but now he’s flip-flopped and he’s Mr 8,000 Pokies.

“He said he would stand up for safer workplaces, but then voted with the Liberals to introduce laws that will see workplaces become even more dangerous.”

Mr Szakacs says neither the Liberals or SA-Best have announced an Industrial Relations policy to tackle issue of importance to working people.

“By contrast, Labor has announced it will make theft a criminal offence, that it will introduce child labour laws to protect our young people at work, that it will increase penalties for industrial manslaughter laws, that it will introduce portable long service leave for more workers, and will introduce ten days domestic violence leave and continue to fight cuts to penalty rates.

“We know that nationally, the Liberals oppose ten days domestic violence leave and wage theft laws. They supported cuts to penalty rates for people on the lowest wages in the country.

“We’re asking people, in this very important last week, to think carefully about the track record of the party they’re considering voting for.

“The Liberals policy dance partner, Business SA, wants to see 20,000 jobs slashed from the State’s public sector and SA-Best has been asking people in the business community to write its policies for them.

“We think the choice is pretty clear.”