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Unions target Boothby in Change the Rules protest

April 10, 2019

Unionists will be targetting Boothby and holding a huge protest in Adelaide today as the campaign to change the government intensifies in the days before the election is called.

SA Unions Secretary Angas Story says nurses, aged care workers and teachers will be protesting outside the Member for Boothby’s office on Marion Road in the morning before joining other working people for a lunchtime protest in Victoria Square.

“We’ve already been out talking to people in the community and that will ramp up until election day.

“We want people to know that this Liberal Government – and the Member for Boothby in particular - have done nothing to tackle stagnant wages, wage theft, super rip-offs and the scourge of insecure work. 

 “Workers’s paypackets are shrinking, they’re fearful of their jobs, they’re being outsourced or privatised – and they want something to change.

“We’re campaigning to change the rules because working people need pay rises and secure jobs if they have any chance of staying ahead of rising living costs.

“We’re campaigning to reverse penalty rate cuts, stop labour hire cutting people’s wages and to fix our bargaining system which is stacked against workers.

“The Member for Boothby doesn’t support any of these measures to make work and life fairer for working Australians and that’s why unions are targetting her seat in South Australia this Federal election.”

Speakers at the rally will include Secretary Angas Story, officials from unions representing South Australian workers, Senior Vice President of the ACTU Gerard Dwyer and ACTU Assistant Secretary Liam O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien says these rallies are a sign that people are ready to change the government and change the rules.

“We have suffered through six years of near-record low wage growth, insecure work and attacks on working people. We have to change the rules.

“Thousands of people will be taking to the streets tomorrow in Adelaide because they need to change the rules and ensure that the fair go is preserved for themselves and their kids.”