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Superannuation is an investment vehicle designed to provide money for your retirement.  You benefit from:

  • Saving regularly over many years
  • Your savings being invested to help your money grow
  • Your money is generally taxed at a lower rate than other forms of investments.

Industry funds such as Statewide focus on keeping fees and charges to a minimum and maximising your savings so you can do all the things you've dreamt of in your retirement.

Employer contributions
Your employer will pay superannuation contributions on your behalf unless you are exempt or self-employed.  This contribution is called the superannuation guarantee.  If you are eligible, your employer's compulsory contributions must be equivalent to at least 9 per cent of your earnings.  For example, if you earn $40,000 a year, your employer will put at least $3,600 a year, or $300 a month, into your superannuation.

Personal contributions
You can also choose to make personal contributions to your superannuation.  If you make contributions from your after tax income, you may be eligible for the Government Co-contribution.


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