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    4 March 2014

    SA Unions says Senator Nick Xenophon is still trying to fudge the fact that his plan to cut weekend penalty rates will affect thousands of South Australians.

    State Secretary, Joe Szakacs says the Senator is trying to hide the scale of how hard his plan to cut penalties will hit.

    He said on ABC radio this morning. "This is a Federal issue, not a State issue."

    "Here's a newsflash, Nick: Your plan to cut penalty rates will cut the take home pay of thousands of South Australians who work in hospitality and retail on weekends."

    "You can't hide behind saying "it's a Federal issue" as if it somehow doesn't hit South Australian workers."

    "We've done the sums and his plan to cut weekend penalties will cost a hospitality worker about $8,000 over the course of a year."

    "We're calling on Senator Xenophon - and his team - to put working people first and ditch his plan to cut workers' take home pay."

    "We're also calling on him to repudiate Tony Abbott's attacks on workers and the campaign the Prime Minister is prosecuting to attack workers wages."

    "Until he does, unions will this weekend escalate our campaign against Senator Xenophon's plans to cut working people's take home pay."

    "We think this election is far more important to look at a plan for jobs and job growth, rather than just cutting wages and cutting take home pay."

    Note: The 65,000 jobs figure is based on an analysis of ABS data from retail, accommodation and food services.


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