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    11 April 2012

    The Young Workers Legal Service is sending out a warning to parents these school holidays to be on the look out for dodgy unpaid trial work shifts and internships.

    Coordinator Anne Purdy says young people looking for work are being offered these unpaid trial shifts and internships to get work experience.

    "Young people are keen to get their foot in the door so they can get a job, and will often take up the offers, sometimes doing a full eight hour shift for no pay."

    "Unfortunately, what we are seeing, especially in hospitality and retail, is that young people are simply being exploited and that there are often no real jobs on offer."

    Ms Purdy said that these trial shifts are very different from high school work experience placements.

    "High school work experience is a really valuable learning tool for students who are making decisions about going out into the workforce and we continue to fully support that program."

    "However, these dodgy trial shifts are not High School work experience - they are exploitation plain and simple."

    "Young people are less familiar with their rights and it is unfortunate that their goodwill continues to be exploited by unscrupulous employers."

    "Our advice to parents is to watch out for your kids and make sure they get the right advice about what to do if they think they have been offered a dodgy job."

    Ms Purdy says that in 2011, the Young Workers Legal Services managed to win back nearly $140,000 for young people who were underpaid or otherwise treated unfairly.

    Since the Service was established, it has recovered more than a million dollars for young South Australians.




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