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Unpaid Super

Employers must pay superannuation guarantee contributions quarterly, and may pay more often.  Your payslips may show the amount of super contributions that have been paid into your fund.

Occasionally, employers don't pay the correct amount.  Check with the fund that you're registered as a member and that the right contributions are getting through.  If you are casual or part-time, this is especially important.  Talk to your employer straight away if the payments seem too small or are not getting through.

If you're concerned that your employer is not paying your contributions, you should:

Step 1
Talk to your employer.  Ask them how often they are currently paying your super, into which fund they are paying it, and how much they are paying.  It's a good idea to ask these sorts of questions when you start work with a new employer.

You should also ensure that you are eligible to receive super.  Usually an employer has to pay super contributions for your if you are over 18 and you are getting paid at lest $450 a month.

Step 2
Check your last member statement from your super fund, or contact them to confirm if your employer has paid your super.

Step 3
If you have completed Steps 1 and 2 and still believe your employer is not paying enough or any super, you can lodge an enquiry about unpaid super by phoning the Tax Office on 13 10 20.


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