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Insurance through Super

You may think insurance cover is unnecessary - especially if you're fit and healthy.  But it's important to be covered so you and any dependants are protected in case the worst happens.

The advantages of having insurance through your super fund are:

  • most super funds offer some death, disability and often income protection insurance without medical examinations
  • super funds are able to buy insurance at a discount which means you pay less
  • you don't have to find extra money to pay the premiums as they are deducted straight from your superannuation account, leaving you with more money in your pocket
  • you may also get higher levels of cover within super for the premiums that you pay, compared to insurance outside of super.

The personal insurance offered by your superannuation fund really is a service for you to take full advantage of.

Superannuation funds such as Statewide provide automatic insurance for employer sponsored members. This includes two units of death and disability insurance and up to eight units of income protection, depending on your salary.




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