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Approaching Retirement

Superannuation funds not only manage your superannuation while you're working, they can also help manage your money once you retire.  Super funds such as Statewide have products that can provide you with a retirement income stream and keep your savings in a low-fee and tax-effective environment.

Pension Seminars
Statewide hosts free and informative retirement planning seminars which outline the pension options available to you.  The seminars include information on Centrelink treatment, tax issues and beneficiary options.  View seminars dates and times.

Transition to Retirement
ransition to retirement accounts may suit you if you are still working but want to reduce your work commitments while maintaining your income level.

Provided you comply with certain criteria, you may be able to convert your superannuation to a transition to retirement pension.  This enables you to receive regular payments from your super savings to supplement your other income.

Account Based Pension
Account based pension accounts allow you to invest your superannuation benefits to create a regular 'pay cheque' paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly, half-yearly or annually.







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